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Tetris Build has a reputation for crafting robust and reliable solutions to suit your fit-out budget and time frames.

Maintaining your business productivity during fit out or refurbishment work is essential.

We pride ourselves on our flexible nature in order to accommodate our clients’ needs for their businesses to operate as usual.

We resolve all construction concerns early on in the design stage using our proven ‘design and review process’. This process allows us to anticipate and prevent all issues before the construction phase, ensuring build-ability and overall cost efficiency.

Our fit-out services include:

  • Office fit-outs
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Commercial Base Buildings
  • Showrooms
  • Boutique Corporate Suites
  • Health Facilities & Gymnasiums
  • Retail Facilities


Our focus is developing a thorough understanding of our client’s vision. A refurbishment can turn any space into a welcoming, comfortable, and highly functional area.

We offer start to finish project management. From planning your refurbishment and securing approvals, through to fitting out the premises – we partner with you at every turn. Realistic timelines and transparency are assured throughout the entire process, as well as uncompromising safety standards.

Our refurbishment services include:

  • Office “make-goods” – upgrades and make-good, strip out of previous fit out, and back to base-building.
  • Commercial Buildings – lobby upgrades, bathroom upgrades, base building upgrades, façade enhancements, and compliance management.
  • Heritage Works – refurbishment, stonework restoration, window restoration, and heritage roofing restoration.
  • Industrial buildings – refurbishment, extensions, and upgrades compliance management

We promise to beat all deadlines, budgets, and to surpass your expectations! Contact us to refurbish your dream project today.


Every detail counts in the industrial sector, and that’s why we utilise our expertise to provide a comprehensive plan to facilitate productivity.

To maximise efficiency we take a proactive approach to the construction including the utilisation of innovative logistics, modularisation, flexible procurement, and an eye for detail during the execution process.


We’re in the business of creating the most important thing in peoples’ lives. The design and building of your home is our passion.

We continue to be up-to-date with not only modern architecture and design, but also cutting-edge building technologies and materials to create innovate homes.


Tetris Build offers an end-to-end project management service. Our dedicated project management team will guarantee smooth and hassle free project delivery every time.

We are genuine, invested, and exceptionally experienced project managers who take pride in every project – from big to small.

The expression ‘you are only as good as your last project’ is something that Tetris Build truly lives by.

Our staged fee structure allows flexibility and total client control.

Rest assured, once Tetris Build project managers are engaged, we then take full accountability for all works by always doing what we say we are going to do and doing whatever it takes to achieve the best outcome in all situations.

We offer piece of mind for all projects and guarantee the highest quality service.


We offer a range of procurement services to suit a variety of needs:

  • Design and Construction – partnering with designers to suit the project and your specific needs.
  • Lump Sum – tendered, negotiated, and progressive let.
  • Construction Management – open book trade package procurement with fixed fees.
  • Cost Plus – fixed preliminaries with a competitive construction management fee that works to the client’s budget.